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Building Wealth, Empowering Dreams

A unique approach.

The innovative approach in which Integrum combines technology, professional (human) help and simple pricing is set to help many individuals build their wealth and achieve their financial goals.

Meet Our Leaders

Ben Jooste (CFA, CFP)

Co-Founder &

Financial Coach

" We founded Integrum Wealth to help anyone who is serious about their financial goals, regardless of their current net worth.

My mission is to help South Africans take action and change their financial future through sharing the practical and professional money know-how they need to take the most direct route towards their goals, supporting them all along the way. "

Ben's Experience

Ben is passionate about changing the financial advice landscape in SA to be more inclusive and give more people access to professional advice when they need to build wealth, as opposed to only the ‘already wealthy’.   He has served on the investment management teams of boutique investment houses and some of the largest retirement funds in SA, including managing the personal investment portfolios of a number of High Net Worth individuals. A CFA® (Chartered Financial Analyst) Charter holder and Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) who is keen on innovation and using the benefits of technology, Ben co-founded Integrum Wealth in 2019. 

More about Ben

I'm a father, husband, braai addict, aspiring software developer and F1 enthusiast who wants to truly help people in unlocking their financial freedom

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Stuart Green (CFA)

Co-Founder &

Financial Coach

"I would like to use my skills and experience to educate and guide people without financial knowledge so that they can ultimately provide for themselves and their family throughout their lifetime."

Stuart's Experience

Stuart’s investment career started at an international private bank where he managed the investments of ultra-high net worth clients for nearly a decade. He later assisted in managing the retail investment portfolio of the country’s biggest pension fund administrator before co-founding Integrum Wealth. Stuart is a CFA® (Chartered Financial Analyst) Charter holder with a post-graduate in Financial Planning.

More about Stuart

I am a bush-loving, sports-enthusiastic South African father & husband with a honest and methodical approach to life.

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Doret Jooste

Financial Coach: Kickstart

"I’m passionate about helping people overcome money misbeliefs and anxiety to empower them in taking simple, daily steps towards their dreams.

By sharing knowledge on money management and financial matters in the most practical and simplest of ways - we're empowering anyone who is serious about achieving their financial dreams (even if they didn’t have the best start). "

Doret's Experience

Before joining Integrum in 2021, Doret served on the executive management team of one of the largest retail banks in SA. She’s been part of the management teams of boutique investment houses, holds cum laude post graduate degrees and has vast experience in business strategy, client engagement, money management and financial coaching. She's motivated by her passion for changing the financial services landscape to truly help all people in SA, and has a unique skill in simplifying financial concepts to truly help and empower people to succeed on their financial journey.

More about Doret

I’m a mom of 3 little ones (including a set of twins :)), married to my best friend, come from a small town, a Masterchef fan and amateur illustrator, who loves South Africa and her people!

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Our Vision

Helping to empower ordinary South Africans, i.e. those who do not consider themselves as wealthy (yet), to successfully build wealth and realise their financial dreams

By giving them access to practical money management know-how, best-fit products and professional financial advice early on

That is easy to access, easy to understand, of the highest standard and offers expert support across all aspects of their finances.   

Our Values

We live by 5 core values that enable us to offer what previously has been reserved for only a select few, to anyone who’s serious about achieving their financial goals. These are:

1. We talk like real people

2. We support you through a dedicated expert

3. We personalise it

4. We use technology to benefit

5. We price to put you in control

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We talk like real people

This means breaking down everything so it's straightforward, simple and easy for anyone to understand, irrespective of their current level of financial knowledge. Helping you to get the complete money know-how that you need and, better yet, know exactly how to apply it within your own money context. 

We support you through a (real) dedicated expert

Most of us – regardless of age or profession - want to be able to talk to a real, trusted expert when it comes to our finances because, let’s be honest, money can be emotional! This is why every solution we offer includes at least one discussion with a Financial Coach and why we also offer on-going support options to clients who would like to have this dedicated, professional support throughout their wealth building journey.

We personalise it

We believe the crux of getting the real, practical money know-how you need is not found in giving general money tips, but through providing personalised guidance on your (own) money and financial goals. All our individual wealth building plans are personalised and tailored to your unique financial context and goals.  

We use the benefits of technology

The combination of data, technology and virtual meeting platforms enables us to offer personalised, human guidance to more people. Our secure online platform makes it safe, easy and convenient to engage with us, share detail and keep track of your wealth building plan.  It also helps us to offer our services in a cost-effective way, lowering the cost to you our client which is key in giving more people access to professional financial advice when they need it.

We price to put you in control

The pricing of our plans is not in any way related to level of income or the value of your investments. This means that every client gets access to the same quality of service irrespective of what their ‘net worth’ is Our preferred ongoing advice fee works on a “subscription-like” basis, ensuring that:

  • You can cancel our service at any time, for example you’ve reached your financial goals or now feel confident enough to manage the journey on your own

  • All clients are treated equally i.e. clients with higher investment balances do not pay us more and therefore ‘get priority’

  • Further ensuring we’re constantly at the top of our game in servicing and supporting you, and

  • Most importantly! This type of pricing doesn’t negatively impact your investment growth over time (something that traditional percentage-based advice fees does, and most investors aren’t aware of).

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