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Building Wealth, Empowering Dreams

Kickstart Wealth Plan - What you get:

The starting point should always be YOU. 

Understanding your personal setup – your age, marital status, type of employment, etc. are important inputs to your personalised plan.

Your family and/or those that you are financially responsible for influences the type of goals you will have and how you need to go about it.

Understand how you earn and how you use your money to help you reach your goals.

Get insight on your 7 key income and spending ratios to understand your spending and saving better and how you can improve it where needed. 

Understanding how to optimise debt is a major step in your wealth building success.

Get insight on different types of debt, how to best consolidate and pay it off to help free up money.

Also get insight on how to use your current assets to help you reach your financial goals successfully.

This includes the things you need to put in place based on your unique situation, to ensure that you and your family will be okay if anything unexpected happens. 

This is the WHY of your journey! When it comes to your money and building wealth, goal setting is super important.

Get personalised guidance on each of your goals including how to reach the goal based on your unique context and what important elements/aspects are for you to consider to reach your goals successfully.


You also get a 60mins virtual session with the Financial Coach who completed your plan to to empower you with the info needed to confidently kickstart your wealth building journey and reach your financial goals. The session gives you the opportunity to chat, discuss and ask any of your related questions with your Financial Coach. 

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